Kwikwap + MWD IV


All the Kwikwap SME features + MWD IV Features. All this for only R250 pm

You use Kwikwap for your main website. MWD IV for email and subdomain website on


  1. on Kwikwap with:

  • SEO search engine optimization.

  • eCommerce.

  • Unlimited Storage, eCommerce, Traffic, Products, much more.

  • Your control add and remove content on your website.

  • Your own Kwikweb management portal.

  • All templates are 100% customizable.


  1. with on MWD IV:

  • Unlimited subdomains advertise products in specific areas.

  • Unlimited emails.

  • Your own DirectAdmin Control panel.

2 design options:

  1. Do it yourself @ Zero cost.

  • Choose your business specific template and start.

  • We help @ R75 per half hour.


  1. We do design @ R3500.

  • Includes 4 pages home, products & services, about us, and contact us.

  • 5 Products.

  • Verify website with google.

  • Setup SEO search engine optimization.

You supply:

  • Unique content in electronic form,
  • Logo we can do design @ extra cost,
  • Fotos,
  • All the info we need to create your website.
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