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Boost Your Business with Vox’s Premium Fibre to the Business (FTTB)

Are you looking for a competitive edge? Vox’s Premium Fibre to the Business (FTTB) is tailored to meet your needs. Our FTTB service offers a potent mix of uncapped data, voice, and other value-added services to give your business the boost it needs.

Why Choose Vox’s FTTB?

  • Tailored Solutions: Our FTTB service is customised to meet your specific business needs.
  • Uncapped Data: Enjoy unlimited data for seamless business operations.
  • Voice Services: Enhance your communication with our superior voice services.
  • Value-Added Services: Benefit from our range of additional services designed to give you a competitive edge.
  • Economic Freedom: With our FTTB broadband bundles, you have the freedom to develop your network as your business grows, giving you complete control over your ICT spend.

For assistance, call or WhatsApp us on 0824461588, or call us at 0878059825. Existing clients, please provide your Account or System ID when contacting us.

Choose Vox’s FTTB today and take control of your business’s communication costs while enjoying the best value for money.


For assistance Call or WhatsApp on 0824461588 or Call 0878059825, existing clients please provide Account or system ID.

Fibre to the business (FTTB)

Vox Premium Fibre to the Business internet and telecommunication.

Vox Fibre to the Business Tailored to meet your needs, Premium Fibre to the business will be a welcome boost to your business, giving you the right mixture of uncapped Fibre to the business data, voice and other value adds to give you the competitive edge. VOS Fibre to the business is Designed to give you the best value for money, these Fibre to the business broadband bundles award you the economic and technological freedom to develop your network as your business grows. This way, you are in complete control of your ICT spend, in-turn managing the spiralling cost of communication.




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