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Duplo DP-A100II Digital Duplicator



Disclaimer: Price on website is an estimate only, thus subject to change without notice. We do update regularly however we do receive late price notifications from our suppliers.

The DUPLO DP-A100II Digital Duplicator is available @ VOS Vox Office Solutions.


Save time and space with the top of the range, Duplo DP-A100II Digital Duplicator. Producing up to 130 prints a minute, it comes with all the features of a larger machine, housed in a small footprint. It includes a three-wheel feed system and accurate stacking trays - the perfect solution for high volume print jobs on a smaller budget.

The low cost A4 Duplo DP-A100II Digital Duplicator for economical printing.

Duplo DP-A100II Digital Duplicator System available from VOS Vox Office Solution South Africa.

The Duplo DP-A100II Digital Duplicator has a Long-Life Duty Cycle

  • 60-90 prints per minute.
    • 300 X 360 dpi resolution.

    • 500 sheet capacity.

    • This is a reliable Brand-New Duplo DP-A100II Digital Duplicator.

    • Duplo DP-A100II Digital Duplicator Print Speed: 60 -90 (A4) prints per minute.

    • Duplo DP-A100II Digital Duplicator 1,075 × 610 × 475 mm (W x D x H).

    • Duplo DP-A100II Digital Duplicator Up to 300 x 360 DPI – print resolution.

    • Duplo DP-A100II Digital Duplicator 41 kg, dpa100, dpa100 II, dp-a100 II, DPA-100, dp-a100.

  • Long Life consumables and duty cycles.

    • NB – Pictures may vary from actual product.


  • ·Call Us for more Info: 087 805 9825 / 082 446 1588.

  • Duplo DP-A100II

Duplo DP-A100II Digital Duplicator


Duplo duplicators is quick, reliable, and cost effective, Duplo Duplicators are easy to use, produce high quality prints and have several advantages over toner-based copiers and other types of MFP printers. Duplo duplicators produce high quick quality prints on a space saving Duplo duplicator system. Increase your office efficiency with option to fine tune your output with features such as enlargement  / reduction, book shadow eraser and more. Take advantage of the technology, with this perfect Duplo solution that is helping you to print larger volumes on a smaller budget. With Duplo Duplicators you save space, time, and most important operational costs.




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