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The DUPLO DP-G200 Digital Duplicator is available @ VOS Vox Office Solutions.


The DUPLO DP-G200 digital duplicator is easier to use, more reliable and accurate in producing consistently high quality prints, the latest generation of mid-range duplicators is also more ergonomic. The DP-G200 Digital Duplicator has a larger LCD control panel, a new stepper motor paper feed system, double feed detection and neater stacking on the paper output.

Duplo DP-G200 digital duplicator System available from VOS Vox Office Solution South Africa

High speed duplicating with document feed or flatbed scan

DUPLO DP-G200 Digital Duplicator 130 prints per minute

DUPLO DP-G200 Digital Duplicator 300 X 600dpi resolution

DUPLO DP-G200 Digital Duplicator 1000 sheet capacity

DUPLO DP-G200 Digital Duplicator User ID manager

Duplo DP-G200 - 300 SERIES


Double feed detection as standard

DUPLO DP-G200 Digital Duplicator 130 prints per minute 300 x 600dpi resolution Stacking capacity of 1300 sheets

DUPLO DP-G200 Digital Duplicator User ID manager Spot colour printing

Flyers, Exam papers, Leaflets, Promotional material, Certificates, Newsletters, Direct

Mail, Instructions, Envelopes

·Call Us for more Info: 087 805 9825 / 082 446 1588

  • DUPLO DP-G200 Digital Duplicator Long Life consumables and duty cycles
  • NB – Pictures may vary from actual product
  • No Printer cable, power cable, USB cable included with DUPLO DP-G200 Digital Duplicator.
  • VOS Vox Office Solutions – Cutting Costs on the DUPLO DP-G200 Digital Duplicator.


Duplo DP=G200 Digital Duplicator


Duplo duplicators is quick, reliable, and cost effective, Duplo Duplicators are easy to use, produce high quality prints and have several advantages over toner-based copiers and other types of MFP printers. Duplo duplicators produce high quick quality prints on a space saving Duplo duplicator system. Increase your office efficiency with option to fine tune your output with features such as enlargement  / reduction, book shadow eraser and more. Take advantage of the technology, with this perfect Duplo solution that is helping you to print larger volumes on a smaller budget. With Duplo Duplicators you save space, time, and most important operational costs.


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