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Kaspersky standard 1 Dev previously known as Kaspersky Anti-Virus for sale at Vox Office Solutions South Africa.


Download Kaspersky Standard 2023 or latest Version
Download Kaspersky Anti-Virus or latest Version


Kaspersky Standard 1 Dev previously known as Kaspersky Anti-Virus for download only. No CD supplied.

Kaspersky Standard 2 Dev previously known as Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

Kaspersky Standard offer Enhanced protection with device performance booster.

Our Kaspersky Standard 1 Dev security plan offers powerful protection from viruses, malware, and ransomware – but also includes performance tools to get your devices running quickly and smoothly, removes useless software, and keeps your apps up to date.

    Kaspersky Standard 1 Dev Advanced security with anti-phishing and firewall included.

    Clean-up and app management tools to optimize performance.

    Kaspersky Standard 1 Dev Safe Money feature to protect your online payments and transactions.

Kaspersky Standard 1 Dev is Compatible with:





Kaspersky Standard previously known Kaspersky Anti-Virus South Africa





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