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Toshiba e-Studio fc2021ac

Toshiba e-Studio FC2021AC Sale in South Africa

Experience the versatility of the Toshiba e-Studio FC2021AC, an A3 multifunction printer designed for office use. This device is not just a printer; it’s an all-in-one solution for your document management needs.

Toshiba e-Studio FC2021AC with a print speed of up to 20 pages per minute, both in color and black & white, your office productivity is set to increase. The scan speed is equally impressive, capable of scanning up to 73 images per minute, whether in simplex or duplex mode.

The Toshiba e-Studio FC2021AC is equipped with a 10.1-inch color WSVGA touch screen display for easy navigation. It also comes with 4GB of RAM, ensuring smooth operation even with multiple tasks.

Toshiba e-Studio FC2021AC printer’s paper handling capacity is a standard 350 sheets, but it can be expanded up to 2900 sheets to meet your office’s high-volume printing needs. It supports automatic double-sided printing, saving you paper and contributing to environmental sustainability.

Mobile printing is another key feature of the Toshiba e-Studio FC2021AC. You can print directly from your mobile devices, adding convenience to your printing tasks. The printer measures 574 x 584 x 634mm (W x D x H) and weighs 57 kg, making it a compact yet robust addition to your office.

The Toshiba e-Studio FC2021AC is compatible with Windows, MAC, and Linux operating systems. It is also ENERGY STAR® certified and EPEAT Gold compliant, reflecting its commitment to environmental sustainability.

The printer features a USB interface for easy connection. Whether you need to print, copy, scan, or fax, the Toshiba e-Studio FC2021AC has you covered. It’s a reliable choice for businesses in South Africa seeking efficient document management solutions.

Get the Toshiba e-Studio FC2021AC today and experience a new level of office productivity. It’s more than just a printer; it’s your partner in efficient document management.


Toshiba e-STUDIO2021AC: A High-Performance A3 Color System

The Toshiba e-STUDIO2021AC stands out as an exceptional multifunctional A3 color system, tailored specifically for the dynamic needs of small to medium-sized businesses. This advanced printer boasts a suite of features designed to boost productivity and streamline operations.

Key Specifications:

  • Fast Copy/Print Speed: Experience efficiency with impressive speeds of 20 pages per minute for both color and black & white documents.
  • Rapid Warm-Up Time: Quick readiness with a warm-up time of approximately 21 seconds post power-on and under 15 seconds from sleep or low power mode, ensuring minimal downtime and enhanced workflow.
  • User-Friendly Interface: A large, fully customizable user interface allows for seamless access to all functions, significantly improving operational efficiency.

By integrating these specifications into your content with a focus on performance and user experience, you can enhance the appeal of the Toshiba e-STUDIO2021AC to potential customers searching for a reliable and efficient color printing solution. Remember to include relevant keywords throughout your content to improve its visibility on search engines.

The Toshiba e-Studio fc2021ac is a Multifunctional A4 / A3 colour systems with features tailored to the needs and wishes of small- to medium-sized enterprises to support modern document workflows.

The Toshiba e-Studio fc2021ac  has large and fully customisable user interface for easy to access all functions and increased efficiency.

The Toshiba e-Studio fc2021ac  has a high-speed document output of up to 20 pages per minute.

Toshiba e-Studio fc2021ac  is cloud ready and secured.

Today's latest hybrid workplace environment has permanently changed demands on access to information: information must be available anywhere and anytime. Only with this technology organisations maintain maximum efficiency and productivity. Yet information also needs to be secure.

Toshiba's cloud-ready technology products and our experts provide the cloud solutions you need to improve workflow and print with functions that are smarter and more suitable than ever before. We have implemented new features to increase productivity with the vision of Together Information - helping people and organisations share information more effectively through better products and solutions. In line with the needs of the new normal workplace, the Toshiba e-Studio FC2021ac series is equipped with functions that enable no contact, non-face to face, and remote work.

Based on the newest technological advances and security standards, Toshiba e-Studio fc2021ac deliver end-to-end tailored solutions to help you seamlessly and securely navigate today's digital workplace. In adding, our multifunctional print (MFP) systems meet the soaring environmental requirements. From cloud moving, fleet management and consulting, to implementation and technical support, Vox Office Solution Toshiba department  is at your side.

Toshiba e-Studio fc2021ac  is Smart and smooth.

Toshiba e-Studio fc2021ac  has an intuitive 26 cm (10.1 ") tablet-style touch screen with an embedded web browser is easy to use and fully customisable. You can conveniently tailor settings and automate workflows - including integration of third-party solutions with the Toshiba e-Studio fc2021ac  . The user interface, which reflects the bold fresh look of the new e-STUDIO Toshiba e-Studio fc2021ac  series, enables simple operation and improved efficiency with the Toshiba e-Studio fc2021ac .

Toshiba e-Studio fc2021ac  Premium Performance at an extremely reasonable price.

Workgroups within SMEs appreciate the easy integration of the Toshiba e-STUDIO fc2021AC series into existing IT infrastructures. The Toshiba e-Studio fc2021as systems are fully customisable, and offer easily accessible solutions, thanks its open platform architecture.

Toshiba e-Studio fc2021ac  is designed for modern businesses, both systems are capable of cloud and mobile printing. Air Print and Mopria Print Service support the printing needs of mobile device users, while Wi-Fi direct give access to the Toshiba e-Studio fc2021ac MFP. Toshiba e-Studio fc2021ac  exclusive e-BRIDGE Print and Capture enables additional printing options and gives users the capability to scan documents back to their tablets or smartphones.

The e-STUDIO fc2021AC series can be equipped with various apps to enhance productivity. When the apps are combined with our embedded (OCR) feature, documents can be scanned as Searchable PDF and other formats.


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