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Toshiba e-Studio FC220CS

Toshiba e-Studio FC220cs: The Efficient Multifunctional Powerhouse

Maximize your office efficiency with the Toshiba e-STUDIO FC220cs, a versatile multifunction device perfect for small workgroups. With a print speed of up to 22 pages per minute and comprehensive copy, print, and scan functions, the Toshiba e-STUDIO FC220cs compact unit streamlines your workflow.

Toshiba e-STUDIO FC220cs Experience seamless operation with a 2.8-inch touchscreen interface, and enjoy the flexibility of supporting multiple scan formats including PDF, TIFF, and JPEG. The e-STUDIO FC220cs boasts a standard memory of 512MB, expandable to meet your growing business needs.

Not only is the Toshiba e-STUDIO FC220cs designed for productivity, but it’s also environmentally conscious. Benefit from its low energy consumption and efficient toner cartridges, making it a sustainable choice for the eco-friendly office.

Enhance your document management capabilities with the Toshiba e-STUDIO FC220cs’s impressive zoom range from 25% to 400%, ensuring precision in every task. Choose the Toshiba e-STUDIO FC220cs for a reliable, all-in-one solution that meets the demands of the modern workplace.

Toshiba e-STUDIO FC220cs



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