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Toshiba e-Studio FC330AC

Boost Your Business with Toshiba e-STUDIO 330AC Copiers in South Africa and Across Africa

Introducing the Toshiba e-STUDIO FC330AC, an intelligent colour multifunction printer (MFP) engineered to meet today’s challenging business needs. Here’s why this device is your go-to business solution:

Multifunctional Colour Printer: The e-STUDIO FC330AC is a versatile MFP that efficiently handles a variety of tasks, including copying, printing, scanning, and faxing.

Toshiba e-STUDIO FC330AC High-Speed Performance: With print speeds of up to 40 pages per minute (PPM), it’s an ideal choice for small workgroups seeking to enhance productivity.

Toshiba e-STUDIO FC330AC Compact and Convenient Design: Specifically designed for small to medium-sized offices, this printer fits seamlessly into workspaces, offering convenience without compromising on functionality.

Toshiba e-STUDIO FC330AC Duplex Printing and Scanning: Standard duplex printing and scanning capabilities allow you to save paper and streamline your workflow, contributing to a more efficient and eco-friendly office environment.

Toshiba e-STUDIO FC330AC User-Friendly Interface: Equipped with a 10.1-inch tablet-like touch display, the e-STUDIO 330AC ensures easy setup and management.

Toshiba e-STUDIO FC330AC Secure MFP: Prioritizing security, this printer provides peace of mind with its robust secure features, safeguarding your sensitive business data.

Toshiba e-STUDIO FC330AC Customizable Solutions: Toshiba offers tailored solutions to meet your specific needs, helping you maximize productivity and achieve your green objectives.

Whether you need to print, copy, scan, or fax, the Toshiba e-STUDIO FC330AC is a reliable choice for your office. Its compact size, advanced functionality, and security features make it an invaluable asset to any workplace. For any further queries or assistance, we’re here to help!

Elevate your business operations in South Africa and across Africa with the Toshiba e-STUDIO FC330AC copiers.

Toshiba e-STUDIO FC330AC

The Toshiba e-Studio FC330AC is available @ Vox Office Solutions (VOS).


Call Us for more Info: 087 805 9825 / 082 446 1588

The Toshiba e-Studio FC330AC is Intelligent MFP that meets today’s challenging business requirements.

  • e-Studio FC330AC is a Colour Multifunction Printer
  • e-Studio FC330AC is can print Up to 30 PPM
  • Small Workgroup
  • e-Studio FC330AC is can Copy, Print, Scan, Fax
  • Secure MFP
  • Solutions Ready

Technology for every workspace, delivering advanced functionality, ease of use and peace of mind. Every business is unique. That is why Toshiba offers the latest customisable solutions that can be tailor made to meet your needs. Toshiba solutions simplify complex tasks while managing diverse information safely and efficiently to maximise productivity.

Toshiba’s newest series delivers on our promise of commitment to collaborate with clients to provide tailor-made, cost-effective solutions that meet your print, document management and content needs while helping you to meet your green objectives.

Toshiba e-Studio FC330AC; 33ppm colour print, copy, scan; 10,1-inch Colour touchscreen tiltable display; Processor: Intel Apollo Lake E3930 (Dual Core); HDD: 320 GB secure & encrypted; Scan Speed: Up to 116ipm; USB 2.0 port; 500 sheet cassette.



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