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Duplo duplicator is the only dedicated duplicator manufacturer to produce a complete line of on-demand printing equipment. Duplo is the leader in providing innovative collating, booklet making, perfect binding, trimming, folding, cutting, printing / duplicating, bursting, and creasing solutions in the print marketplace. DUPLO DIGITAL COPY PRINTERS Duplo the long-established manufacturer of paper handling labour saving devices produces one of the finest digital copy printers worldwide. These machines operating at 120 copies per minute at a fraction of normal copying costs are ideal for the education, pay for print and government markets.


Duplo DP-E1000 the replacement for the well known Duplo DP-A100ii

DUPLO DP-A100II Digital Duplicator Save time and space with the top of the range, DP-A100 II Duplicator.

The DUPLO DP-G200 digital duplicator is easier to use, more reliable and accurate in producing consistently high quality prints.

DUPLO DP-G300 Digital Duplicator is one of our latest generations of mid-range digital duplicators. You’ll find it easy to use.
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