Why Choose Vox Telecom Agency as Your ISP in South Africa

The Vox Advantage

  1. Direct Contact: Skip the call centres. Contact us directly, and we’ll log your ticket and follow up until your issue is resolved.
  2. Honest Sales: We won’t oversell. We believe in upgrading as needed.
  3. Client Satisfaction: As a commission-based agency, we strive to keep our valued clients happy.
  4. Nationwide Service: We service the entirety of South Africa, provided the client is with our agency.

About Vox Office Solution Vox Office Solution, a proud South African company established in 1998, began as an Atlantic @lantic internet service provider franchise. We soon expanded our services to offer a comprehensive office solution, providing consumer and SME products including complete internet service solutions, copiers, IT and networking, telecommunication, hosting, and website designing.

Partnering with leading players in the office automation industry, we’ve enhanced our technical capabilities and secured excellent financial backing. This allows us to expand our operations and increase our national footprint. In short, we are your one-stop office solution.

Why Vox Telecom Vox is more than just a market-leading Internet Service Provider. We offer innovative data, communications, and collaboration solutions, connecting South Africans to the world and, most importantly, to each other. We leverage technology to enhance customer experience and support entrepreneurs, all without compromising our core values of integrity, choice, and service excellence.

Service Philosophy At the heart of Vox lies expertise, innovation, and superior quality products. As an industry leader, we take full responsibility for all our technical implementations and systems, from concept to installation. Our Service Centre operates 24/7/365, offering immediate support to all customers and continuously monitoring all of Vox’s networks and infrastructure to ensure quality of service. Specialist product managers oversee each portfolio, ensuring continuous research and development to keep our products at the highest standard. Our extensive team of account managers and technical engineers across South Africa offer convenient customer service and solution implementation.


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